Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting sexy and snappy in Paris

So it turns out that everything people say about Paris is true. I can't imagine anyone leaving Paris, without the intention to return asap. 

What's even more amazing is that the filthy streets don't detract from Paris's beauty at all - it almost adds to it. 

I know that sounds cliche, but until you experience Paris for yourself, it's beyond description.

Here are a few schnapps from in and around the streets and sites of Paris. You may notice quite a few of these pics are focused around the Eiffel Tower. That is for two reasons:

1/ Our accommodation was a barge on the Seine River, directly under the tower. Swe-eat. 

2/ The Eiffel Tower so impressive (even more so in the flesh), that it's hard to restrain the snap-happy reflex. 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Switzerland - Part 3 - Zurich

Zurich; the land of exotic sports cars, big ass clocks and cool cobblestone back-streets.

As you would probably guess, being the banking capital of the world, there is some serious moolah floating around this city. But despite all that, Zurich is one laid back locale, and an urban explorers dream come true.

The next few shots are from in and around the streets of Zurich.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Switzerland Part 2 - The Alps

The Swiss Alps (insert big sigh here).

One word. Epic. Just Epic.

Being the world's most famous mountain range does not dim the sheer beauty of this place or the people. Young and old, tourists and locals alike, flock to these supreme slopes with the intention of  carving them up! And thats exactly what the majority of them do.

I did a bit of carving (and some stacking) in the Mannlichen region of the alps a week ago. It really is such a sublime part of the world. The sheer size of these mountains is astonishing, especially when you compare them to our ant hill sized slopes back home in Oz.

In between the thrills and spills I managed to get a couple of shots. 

I also have a new respect for photographers that work at the snow. Shooting in such bright white conditions is tough!