Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pink Elephants on Brighton Beach!

Okay so there's no Pink Elephants...There also wasn't a heatwave in Brighton like we were promised two weeks ago either. Go figure. 

Apart from the missing heatwave (which I'm clearly still bitter about), we had an amazing time in Brighton. In fact, if I had my time over again I probably would have moved there, instead of battling the masses in London.

Brighton is like a compact version of London, it has all its best features - great markets, insane street art, cool cafes and pubs...just minus the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke. And of course, it has one essential element that completely ups the AWESOME QUOTA: the sea.

Here are a few shots from Beautiful Brighton.

My apologies about the lack of Pink Elephants!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

London Canals - Where's your local?

Since landing in London all those months ago, I've spent plenty of time getting acquainted with London's canal culture.

Home to all walks of life; your local canal can also double as your home, running track, waterhole (of the alcoholic kind) and even your favourite fishing spot! Not that I've tested the latter...but believe me, plenty have! 

Here are some shots from along my local and also a few from one of London's more famous canals - Little Venice.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hibernation is OVER!!

Spring is a busy time in London.

For most city dwellers, it's because the weather is finally suitable for people to ditch the layers and leave the caves that they've been hibernating in for the last seven months.

In the Spring everyone comes out to enjoy some good old vitamin-D action. When I say everyone I mean exactly that. Birds, bees, flowers, squirrels, tourists, gypsies, street performers and even the locals!

And lets face it, who wouldn't want to be out and about? This is the time of year when London is in its absolute prime. All it needs is a nice warm sandy beach break within walking distance and I'd probably never want to leave.

The next few shots are from around the traps in the lovely city of London, highlighting the locals enjoying the warm weather.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cornish Weekend

When we were kindly invited down to Cornwall for the weekend by some good friends of ours, we had some TOUGH decisions to make. It was either stick-it-out in London for the Royal Wedding mayhem or hit the sun, salt and sand down at Hayle; a quiet beachside village in Cornwall. As you can imagine, it didn't take much debating.

Seeing as though I haven't had my salt injection for quite some time now, you would be safe to assume that I was pumped to hit the beach. Even though the surf wasn't pumping and the water was blisteringly cold, Hayle still managed to dish me up the seaside hit that I've been waiting 10 months for. The sea breeze, sunshine and the sand between my toes was enough to keep a smile on my dial all weekend.

Even though our visit was WAY too short, I still managed to get a few shots of Hayle and the road trip home - Happy Days!