Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I heart HVAR

Hvar, an island located off coast of Croatia, is one of the many places that my cousin Tim and i fell in love with. We had a real hard time leaving the place, especially when Tim was offered work at the local medical centre after his disagreement with a uncooperative scooter, and me lining up work harvesting Lavender for Luca the owner of our hostel!


  1. You are the bee's knee's Lukey Luke...super duper clever : )

  2. Lukey!
    Great photos, your doing very well behind that lens.
    Can't believe the offer Luka took you up on! He's a one of a kind. Someone you will never forget.
    Ahh so happy for you!

  3. And what would YOUR MOTHER !!! say(in house joke). fab photos you are sooo clever and I'm glad you had a wonderful time and continue to do so!!! Love you heaps !!!