Saturday, November 6, 2010

Impromptu Silliness

Its your lucky day!

Today's pictures are from a guest photographer and my beautiful girlfriend Natalie Thom!

I really couldn't leave these shots out, because every time I look at them they make me laugh out loud.

This is the result of Nat asking Tim and I to act "natural" after several Steins on the second day of Oktoberfest.

Timmo is not only my cousin, but is also one of my best friends, and can now also add "the ultimate travel companion" to his CV. The amount of stories I could tell you about our antics could fuel this blog for many years to come and that not even mentioning our latest trip!!

This sequence is about as serious as I've ever seen us in  my entire life!

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  1. haha these are GREAT!!! i definatley just..... Laughed Out Loud x Miss you guys K Marshall