Monday, April 18, 2011

Cambridge Vs. Oxford

It just one of those things - people either love Cambridge more than Oxford, or it's the other way round. It's kind of like asking a photographer about which DSLR they like the most. It's either a Cannon or a Nikon...end of conversation.

After visiting both uni's, I found it uber hard to decide which I was more partial towards. They both have their Harry Potter-esque charm, with their beautiful old buildings, perfectly manicured lawns, and plentiful numbers of rich kids strutting down the streets in their Ralph Polo attire.

Decisions decisions...

Hmmm... I think Cambridge may be the winner (Just don't tell Oxford!).

When you're walking down the cobblestone streets or cruising along the canals, Cambridge really feels alive. Even though the place is ancient, it's filled with such a youthful, energetic vibe.

Here are a few shots from my wanderings of Cambridge. You may also notice that there is a a slight shedding of clothing-layers in these shots and the flowers are in full bloom. Which means Spring finally sprung! Wooohooo!!

P.S. Check out my new watermark/signature! Took me all afternoon yesterday trying to work out how to batch process in Photoshop. Clever Kid!


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