Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kombi Crusaders - Chapter 1

In Portugal, Nat and I were delighted to be introduced to Fern, a 70 years young Kombi who had agreed to give us the grand tour of the Algarve, the bottom portion of the beautiful Portugal.

We spent one week galavanting around this raw and beautiful terrain, usually twisting our way around the rugged coastline. 

The best part about this trip was that we actually felt free. We were able to do anything we pleased and we were not bound to the excruciating timetables of the public transport system. If we wanted to stop for a serving of Portuguese chicken… we'd stop. If we wanted to stay on top a cliff face over looking the Atlantic Ocean...we'd just pop the roof and call it a night. Ahhhh the sweet taste of freedom!

Because I was filling memory cards faster than you can say "Holy Portuguese tart Batman", I've yet again had to spilt this blog up into two. 

I hope you enjoy these shots.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Kombi Crusaders!

**A special thanks to my lovely parents for our week long adventure with Fern the green machine, which was an amazing gift. This trip will never be forgotten**

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