Thursday, December 1, 2011

Venice and the Fondolas...oops I mean Gondolas...

Ahh Venice, one of the most romantic locations in the entire world. Once you're off the touristic trails, you can find those dreamy backstreets, surrounded by an interlocking maze of canals, that you have always dreamt about walking down with a loved one.

One hot tip to mothers, boyfriends and wary of the uber sleazy gondola (A.K.A fondola) drivers. They WILL confess their undying love for your daughter, girlfriend or wife, without any hesitation whatsoever. They will also have them up the back of their Gondola to have a "paddle" while they try for a fondle, quicker than you can say "sleazy Italian dude'.

But with anything in life, you must always take the bad with the good. Venice is one magical destination, and one that I'd recommend to any romantic or the photography obsessed.


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  1. Sono solo dimostrando il loro romanticismo italiano e temperamento caldo.