Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barrington Tops: 1 River, 2 Airbed's & 4 Punters

Last weekend we spent 2 marvellous days playing in the rainforest and rapids of Barrington Tops, a sub-tropical rainforest located roughly 3.5 hours from Sydney.

I had actually spent a bit of time camping here in my childhood, and lets just say that I enjoyed myself just as much in adulthood!

Friends, river rapids and airbed's - what more could one possible want! This place is activity central!



  1. so you're home! love the bangkok photos, really good work/
    give us a shout on skype or facebook when you have a moment. theo still remembers you...
    olivia fred theo udaya

  2. Hey Olivia, Thanks for your king words :)

    Yes thats a great idea. Would love to have a skype chat.

    I'll be in touch to organise it soon.

    Say hi to the fam for me