Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vivid Sydney 2013

Last night we headed down to check out Vivid Sydney 2013. As always the light festival never fails to impress. The bridge and the Opera House were definitely the standout acts of the night. But for some reason the rest of the Quay seemed to be lacking a little in the lighting department compared to past years.

Vivid Sydney 2013 is certainly still worth checking out regardless. We live in a beautiful part of the world, and in such a knock-out city even without the annual light show. Always great for an evening stroll.

My three hot tips:

  1. Check out the Vivid Sydney 2013 on a school night. The weekends are likely to completely packed out, as Vivid finishes on the 10th June (next Monday)
  2. For a brilliant view of the entire Quay, climb upstairs to the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal for a beautiful, uncrowded view
  3. For a great cheap feed there is a great little place at the bottom left-hand-side of the Muesum Of Contemporary Art which does delicious $7 Lamb & Rosemary Hotdogs! #winning

Here are a few shots from Vivid Sydney 2013.



  1. Fabulous !!! Loved all the photos .......

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