Thursday, December 2, 2010

Iclandic Adventures

So who's been to Iceland??

Well I can happily say I have. I can also quite happily say that i'd go back too. Well that is of course if I actually purchased the right clothing next time.

Its funny if your not wearing proper snow attire e.g. Snow jacket, snow pants and snow boots. Then regardless of whatever else you put on, and or how many layers, I can garuntee that your going to feel like your wearing nothing at all!!

Regardless of the climate. Iceland is amazing in every sense of the word. They are one of the most enviromnetally concious and friendly place in the world, running completely on geothermal and hydroelectricity. The majority of their cars are running on either methane, hydrogen or electric. And last but not least, their scenery is off the richter scale!


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