Friday, December 24, 2010

It Twas' The Night Before Christmas

I forgot to mention in my last post...

We met Santa last weekend in Brussels. The man is such a legend! We caught up for a quick stein of Leffe, his favourite Belgium brew.

I asked the jolly old bugger to share his secret to getting himself pumped and surviving the silly season, without falling asleep on the job. He told me the trick is in the Red-bull and his 'Special Snow' powder. 

After he'd finished indulging in what he called his "Driving Kit", Santa shook my hand, walked out of the pub, performed a huge backflip infront of the Grand Palace, then jumped into his sleigh, all while screaming 'Redbull gives you wings' as he flew off into the distance.


I only just managed to catch his backflip in my lens. But I hope this is enough proof for all you non-believers out there -  that the jolly old fella really does exist!

Merry Christmas!

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