Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Norway all the way

Last weekend Nat and I ventured to the very chilly Norway to visit a good friend of mine and to check out his stomping ground - Oslo!

At this time of year, the place is beautiful and absolutely covered in snow and ice. But unlike London, it functions as per usual with no fuss at all - CRAZY concept!

Something that we realised early into our travels, was that Norway is possibly one of the sportiest countries that we've ever visited. Where most might think that snow and ice means it's time to rug up inside...this is actually the time when Norwegians, both young and old, come out to play.

Whether your into skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, iceskating, ice hockey or even sparkstotting (sledding) Norway is where its at.

These next few shots are from in and around the cool city of Oslo.


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