Monday, February 14, 2011

Ode to Oxford

When you travel, you realise that there are two types of tours: one given by guides, the other by locals. One is formulated, strategic and measured, the other breathes a true life and history into the location. I think you know which one is preferred! Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have one of the latter from some friends in Oxford. 

As an Australian, the ancient architecture of Oxford just amazes me. Despite being in 2011, you really have to check yourself when you roam the streets and parks throughout the city. There were a few times throughout our wanderings when I half expected Robin Hood to bust out of the bushes and start firing arrows at passers-by. I know it's blatantly obvious but I'm going to say it anyway...this place is old!

 Because of Oxford's "ye olde' times" appearance, I decided to do it old-school and shoot in black and white for the day. 


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